Applied Soft Computing, Tập 13, Số 12, 2013

Mục lục:

1 Partial imputation of unseen records to improve classification using a hybrid multi-layered artificial immune system and genetic algorithm / Mlungisi Duma and others
2 A parallel hybrid optimization algorithm for fitting interatomic potentials / C. Voglis and others
3 Offline and online fault detection and diagnosis of induction motors using a hybrid soft computing model / Manjeevan Seera and others
4 An adaptive multimedia streaming dissemination system for vehicular networks / Chenn-Jung Huang and others
5 Stock index tracking by Pareto efficient genetic algorithm / He Ni and Yongqiao Wang
6 A block-based evolutionary algorithm for flow-shop scheduling problem / Pei-Chann Chang and others
7 Construction of a new BRB based model for time series forecasting / Bang-Cheng Zhang and others
8 AINet-SL : Artificial immune network with social learning and its application in FIR filter designing / Zhonghua Li, Chunhui He and Hong-Zhou Tan
9 Combining classifiers using nearest decision prototypes / Saeed Reza Kheradpisheh, Fatemeh Behjati-Ardakani and Reza Ebrahimpour
10 Genetic evolving ant direction particle swarm optimization algorithm for optimal power flow with non-smooth cost functions and statistical analysis / K. Vaisakh, L.R. Srinivas and Kala Meah
11 Improving the design of sequences for DNA computing: A multiobjective evolutionary approach / Victor M. Cervantes-Salido and others
12 Parameter estimation for five- and seven-parameter photovoltaic electrical models using evolutionary algorithms / M.U. Siddiqui and M. Abido
13 Hybrid regrouping PSO based wavelet neural networks for characterization of acoustic signals due to surface discharges on H.V. glass insulators / Nasir A. Al-geelani and others
14 Performance of radial basis and LM-feed forward artificial neural networks for predicting daily watershed runoff / Mohammad Zounemat-kermani, Ozgur Kisi and Taher Rajaee
15 An observer-based adaptive neural network tracking control of robotic systems / Wen-Shyong Yu and Chien-Chih Weng
16 A space search optimization algorithm with accelerated convergence strategies / Wei Huang and others
17 Synergizing fitness learning with proximity-based food source selection in artificial bee colony algorithm for numerical optimization / Swagatam Das, Subhodip Biswas and Souvik Kundu
18 New heuristic approaches for the dominating tree problem / Shyam Sundar and Alok Singh
19 Intelligent controllers for bi-objective dynamic scheduling on a single machine with sequence-dependent setups / A.S. Xanthopoulos and others
20 Hybrid BFOA–PSO algorithm for automatic generation control of linear and nonlinear interconnected power systems / Sidhartha Panda, Banaja Mohanty and P.K. Hota
21 The three-state test for chaos detection in discrete maps / J.S. Armand Eyebe Fouda and others
22 Linguistic description about circular structures of the Mars’ surface / Daniel Sanchez-Valdes, Alberto Alvarez-Alvarez and Gracian Trivino
23 A particle swarm optimization for a fuzzy multi-objective unrelated parallel machines scheduling problem / S.A. Torabi and others
24 An approach based on simulated annealing to optimize the performance of extraction of the flower region using mean-shift segmentation / Bahadir Karasulu
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