Applied Soft Computing, Tập 13, Số 10, 2013

Mục lục:

1 Ant colony optimization with immigrants schemes for the dynamic travelling salesman problem with traffic factors / Michalis Mavrovouniotis and Shengxiang Yang
2 Optimal wind turbines placement within a distribution market environment / Geev Mokryani and Pierluigi Siano
3 Particle swarm optimization with grey evolutionary analysis / Min-Shyang Leu, Ming-Feng Yeh and Shih-Chang Wang
4 Hybrid Estimation of Distribution Algorithm for the Quay Crane Scheduling Problem / Christopher Expósito-Izquierdo and others
5 Three-and-six-month-before forecast of water resources in a karst aquifer in the Terminio massif (Southern Italy) / Salvatore Rampone
6 Neural network-based meta-modelling approach for estimating spatial distribution of air pollutant levels / H. Wahid and others
7 A joint sparse wavelet coefficient extraction and adaptive noise reduction method in recovery of weak bearing fault features from a multi-component signal mixture / Dong Wang, Wei Guo and Xiaojuan Wang
8 Rough membership function based illumination classifier for illumination invariant face recognition / K.R. Singh, M.A. Zaveri and M.M. Raghuwanshi
9 Solving bi-objective flow shop problem with hybrid path relinking algorithm / Rong-Qiang Zeng, Matthieu Basseur and Jin-Kao Hao
10 A fuzzy inference and categorization approach for supplier selection using compensatory and non-compensatory decision rules / Francisco Rodrigues Lima Junior, Lauro Osiro and Luiz Cesar R. Carpinetti
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