Applied Soft Computing, Tập 13, Số 09, 2013

Mục lục:

1 A novel artificial bee colony algorithm with Powell’s method / Wei-feng Gao, San-yang Liu and Ling-ling Huang
2 A team-oriented approach to particle swarms / Faizal M.F. Hafiz and Adel Abdennour
3 A parameter control method of evolutionary algorithms using exploration and exploitation measures with a practical application for fitting Sovova’s mass transfer model / Shih-Hsi Liu and others
4 The travelling salesman problem with time windows : Adapting algorithms from travel-time to makespan optimization / Manuel López-Ibá˜nez and others
5 Aggregation operators for fuzzy ontologies / Fernando Bobillo and Umberto Straccia
6 Improvement of RBF neural networks using Fuzzy-OSD algorithm in an online radar pulse classification system / Gholam Ali Montazer, Hessam Khoshniat and Vahid Fathi
7 Modeling a mixed-integer-binary small-population evolutionary particle swarm algorithm for solving the optimal power flow problem in electric power systems / V.H. Hinojosa and R. Araya
8 Free Pattern Search for global optimization / Long Wen and others
9 Hybridization strategies for continuous ant colony optimization and particle swarm optimization applied to data clustering / Cheng-Lung Huang and others
10 Unit commitment problem with ramp rate constraint using a binary-real-coded genetic algorithm / Dilip Datta
11 A real–integer–discrete-coded differential evolution / Dilip Datta and José Rui Figueira
12 Road link traffic speed pattern mining in probe vehicle data via soft computing techniques / Dewang Chen, Long Chen and Jing Liu
13 Attributed multi-objective comprehensive learning particle swarm optimization for optimal security of networks / Hamid Ali and Farrukh Aslam Khan
14 A hybrid metaheuristic approach for the capacitated p-median problem / Masoud Yaghini, Mohammad Karimi and Mohadeseh Rahbar
15 An integrated QFD framework with multiple formatted and incomplete preferences : A sustainable supply chain application / Gülçin Büyüközkan and Gizem ÇIfçI
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