Applied Soft Computing, Tập 13, Số 08, 2013

Mục lục:

1 A hybrid decision support system based on rough set and extreme learning machine for diagnosis of hepatitis disease / Yılmaz Kaya and Murat Uyar
2 Fuzzy rules for describing subgroups from Influenza A virus using a multi-objective evolutionary algorithm / C.J. Carmona and others
3 A hybrid artificial intelligence model for river flow forecasting / Carlos H. Fajardo Toro and others
4 An extended compromise ratio method for fuzzy group multi-attribute decision making with SWOT analysis / Adel Hatami-Marbini and others
5 Support vector regression based on optimal training subset and adaptive particle swarm optimization algorithm / JinXing Che
6 A collusion attack optimization framework toward spread-spectrum fingerprinting / Hui Feng and others
7 Modified binary PSO for feature selection using SVM applied to mortality prediction of septic patients / Susana M. Vieira and others
8 An improved AEA algorithm with Harmony Search(HSAEA) and its application in reaction kinetic parameter estimation / Shunlong Ma and others
9 Routing of barge container ships by mixed-integer programming heuristics / Vladislav Maraš and others
10 A hybrid ant-tabu algorithm for solving a multistate flow network reliability maximization problem / Yi-Kuei Lin, Cheng-Ta Yeh and Pei-Sheng Huang
11 Artificial Neural Network estimation of wheel rolling resistance in clay loam soil / Hamid Taghavifar and others
12 Generalized intuitionistic fuzzy soft sets with applications in decision-making / Manish Agarwal, Kanad K. Biswas and Madasu Hanmandlu
13 Evaluation of reservoir sedimentation using data driven techniques / Vaibhav Garg and V. Jothiprakash
14 Predicting algorithmic complexity through structure analysis and compression / Zoltán Ádám Mann and Pál András Papp
15 Fuzzy neural network for solving a system of fuzzy differential equations / Maryam Mosleh
16 A hybrid self-adaptive bees algorithm for examination timetabling problems / Salwani Abdullah and Malek Alzaqebah
17 Ranking fuzzy numbers based on epsilon-deviation degree / Vincent F. Yu, Ha Thi Xuan Chi and Chien-wen Shen
18 A spiking neural network (SNN) forecast engine for short-term electrical load forecasting / Santosh Kulkarni, Sishaj P. Simon and K. Sundareswaran
19 A hybrid genetic algorithm for constrained multi-objective optimization under uncertainty and target matching problems / N.F. Wang, X.M. Zhang and Y.W. Yang
20 Assessing the visual quality of sanitary ware by fuzzy logic / Mesut Kumru
21 Incremental learning of privacy-preserving Bayesian networks / Saeed Samet, Ali Miri and Eric Granger
22 On compatibility of uncertain additive linguistic preference relations based on the linguistic COWA operator / Ligang Zhou and Huayou Chen
23 An ensemble-based data fusion approach for characterizing ultrasonic liver tissue / Wen-Li Lee
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