Applied Soft Computing, Tập 13, Số 03, 2013

Mục lục:

1 Heuristic-based neural networks for stochastic dynamic lot sizing problem / Ercan Şenyiğit and others
2 An AIS-based hybrid algorithm with PDRs for multi-objective dynamic online job shop scheduling problem / Xueni Qiu and Henry Y.K. Lau
3 Glass container production scheduling through hybrid multi-population based evolutionary algorithm / Claudio Fabiano Motta Toledo and others
4 A model induced max-min ant colony optimization for asymmetric traveling salesman problem / Jie Bai and others
5 A hybrid intelligent model for order allocation planning in make-to-order manufacturing / Z.X. Guo, W.K. Wong and S.Y.S. Leung
6 A comparison of hybrid genetic algorithm and hybrid particle swarm optimization to minimize makespan for assembly job shop / T.C. Wong and S.C. Ngan
7 Inventory based two-objective job shop scheduling model and its hybrid genetic algorithm / Ren Qing-dao-er-ji, Yuping Wang and Xiaoli Wang
8 Better manufacturing process organization using multi-agent self-organization and co-evolutionary classifier systems : The multibar problem / Luis Miramontes Hercog
9 Self-Optimization module for Scheduling using Case-based Reasoning / I. Pereira and A. Madureira
10 Hybrid Taguchi-differential evolution algorithm for optimization of multi-pass turning operations / Ali R. Yildiz
11 Hybrid Evolutionary Algorithm for job scheduling under machine maintenance / Ruhul Sarker and others
12 A hybrid differential evolution algorithm for job shop scheduling problems with expected total tardiness criterion / Rui Zhang, Shiji Song and Cheng Wu
13 A hybrid discrete artificial bee colony algorithm for permutation flowshop scheduling problem / Yan-Feng Liu and San-Yang Liu
14 A comparative study of different local search application strategies in hybrid metaheuristics / Q. Duan, T.W. Liao and H.Z. Yi
15 A flexible algorithm for fault diagnosis in a centrifugal pump with corrupted data and noise based on ANN and support vector machine with hyper-parameters optimization / A. Azadeh and others
16 A hybrid descent method with genetic algorithm for microphone array placement design / Zhibao Li, Ka Fai Cedric Yiu and Zhiguo Feng
17 A new iterative mutually coupled hybrid GA–PSO approach for curve fitting in manufacturing / Akemi Gálvez and Andrés Iglesias
18 Optimal design of laser solid freeform fabrication system and real-time prediction of melt pool geometry using intelligent evolutionary algorithms / Ahmad Mozaffari and others
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