Applied Soft Computing, Tập 13, Số 05, 2013

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1 A comparison among stochastic optimization algorithms for parameter estimation of biochemical kinetic models / Simoní Da Ros and others
2 Optimal gain scheduling controller design of a pitch-controlled VS-WECS using DE optimization algorithm / Seyed Abbas Taher, Mohammad Farshadnia and Mohammad Reza Mozdianfard
3 Routing for applications in NoC using ACO-based algorithms / Luneque Silva Junior and others
4 Hybrid approaches based on LSSVR model for container throughput forecasting: A comparative study / Gang Xie and others
5 Variable Formulation Search for the Cutwidth Minimization Problem / Eduardo G. Pardo and others
6 A genetic algorithm to refine input data selection for air temperature prediction using artificial neural networks ? / Siva Venkadesh and others
7 An efficient cluster-based tribes optimization algorithm for functional-link-based neurofuzzy inference systems / Cheng-Hung Chen and Yen-Yun Liao
8 Hybridization of Harmony Search and Ant Colony Optimization for optimal locating of structural dampers / Fereidoun Amini and Pedram Ghaderi
9 An ANN based approach to recognize initial phonemes of spoken words of Assamese language / Mousmita Sarma, Kandarpa Kumar Sarma
10 Honey bee behavior inspired load balancing of tasks in cloud computing environments / Dhinesh Babu L.D. and P. Venkata Krishna
11 A method to aggregate crisp values into interval-valued intuitionistic fuzzy information for group decision making / Zhongliang Yue and Yuying Jia
12 Accelerated biogeography-based optimization with neighborhood search for optimization / M.R. Lohokare and others
13 An artificial bee colony-least square algorithm for solving harmonic estimation problems / Soma Biswas, Amitava Chatterjee and Swapan Kumar Goswami
14 A biologically inspired solution for fuzzy shortest path problems / Yajuan Zhang and others
15 Optimal power flow solution using improved harmony search method / Nampetch Sinsuphan, Uthen Leeton and Thanatchai Kulworawanichpong
16 Nonlinear identification of a gasoline HCCI engine using neural networks coupled with principal component analysis / Vijay Manikandan Janakiraman, Xuan Long Nguyen and Dennis Assanis
17 A novel self-constructing Radial Basis Function Neural-Fuzzy System / Ying-Kuei Yang and others
18 Incorporating ? -dominance in AMOSA : Application to multiobjective 0/1 knapsack problem and clustering gene expression data / Sanghamitra Bandyopadhyay, Ujjwal Maulik and Rudrasis Chakraborty
19 Regularized continuous estimation of distribution algorithms / Hossein Karshenas and others
20 Three improved hybrid metaheuristic algorithms for engineering design optimization / Huizhi Yi, Qinglin Duan and T. Warren Liao
21 Strategic bidding using fuzzy adaptive gravitational search algorithm in a pool based electricity market / J. Vijaya Kumar, D.M. Vinod Kumar and K. Edukondalu
22 Solution to non-convex economic dispatch problem with valve point effects by incremental artificial bee colony with local search / Dõgan Aydın and Serdar Özyön
23 Case based time series prediction using biased time warp distance for electrical evoked potential forecasting in visual prostheses / Jin Qi and others
24 A comparison of clustering-based privacy-preserving collaborative filtering schemes / Alper Bilge, Huseyin Polat
25 An application of soft computing technique in group decision making under interval-valued intuitionistic fuzzy environment / Zhongliang Yue and Yuying Jia
26 Course timetabling using evolutionary operators / Danial Qaurooni a,∗ , Mohammad-R. Akbarzadeh-T
27 Application of particle swarm optimization in epileptic spike EEG source localization / Yazdan Shirvany and others
28 Wavelet Neural Network employment for continuous GNSS orbit function construction : Application for the Assisted-GNSS principle / P. Pavlovcic Preseren and B. Stopar
29 Perceptual pain classification using ANFIS adapted RBF kernel support vector machine for therapeutic usage / Maryam Vatankhah, Vahid Asadpour and Reza Fazel-Rezai
30 Distributed and asynchronous solver for large CPU intensive problems / Antonio Gómez-Iglesias, Miguel A. Vega-Rodríguez and Francisco Castejón
31 Optimal scheduling-based RFID reader-to-reader collision avoidance method using artificial immune system / Zhonghua Li and Chunhui He
32 Adaptive PI Hermite neural control for MIMO uncertain nonlinear systems / Chun-Fei Hsu
33 A novel combination of Particle Swarm Optimization and Genetic Algorithm for Pareto optimal design of a five-degree of freedom vehicle vibration model / M.J. Mahmoodabadi and others
34 Mine blast algorithm : A new population based algorithm for solving constrained engineering optimization problems / Ali Sadollah and others
35 Genetic programming through bi-objective genetic algorithms with a study of a simulated moving bed process involving multiple objectives / Brijesh Kumar Giri and others
36 Solving fuzzy p-hub center problem by genetic algorithm incorporating local search / Kai Yang, Yan-Kui Liu and Guo-Qing Yang
37 A particle swarm optimization algorithm for optimal car-call allocation in elevator group control systems / Berna Bolat, Oguz Altun and Pablo Cortés
38 A novel ant-based clustering algorithm using Renyi entropy / Lei Zhang, Qixin Cao and Jay Lee
39 A multivariable predictive fuzzy PID control system / Aydogan Savran
40 Two fully-unsupervised methods for MR brain image segmentation using SOM-based strategies / A. Ortiz and others
41 Wavelet based Neuro-Detector for low frequencies of vibration signals in electric motors / Duygu Bayram and Serhat Seker
42 VTG schemes for using back propagation for multivariate time series prediction / Taeho Jo
43 Hybrid chaos optimization and affine scaling search algorithm for solving linear programming problems / Abdelghani Bouras and Wahyudin P. Syam
44 A genetic algorithm using priority-based encoding with new operators for fixed charge transportation problems / M.M. Lotfi and R. Tavakkoli-Moghaddam
45 Topology optimization of trusses considering static and dynamic constraints using the CSS / A. Kaveh and A. Zolghadr
46 A linear assignment method for multiple-criteria decision analysis with interval type-2 fuzzy sets / Ting-Yu Chen
47 An improved fuzzy preference programming to evaluate entrepreneurship orientation / Jafar Rezaei, Roland Ortt and Victor Scholten
48 Convergence of nomadic genetic algorithm on benchmark mathematical functions / S. Siva Sathya and M.V. Radhika
49 Estimation of operating blast furnace reactor invisible interior surface using Differential Evolution / Arya K. Bhattacharya, Debjani Aditya and Debjani Sambasivam
50 A chaotic non-dominated sorting genetic algorithm for the multi-objective automatic test task scheduling problem / Hui Lu and others
51 Hypoglycaemia detection using fuzzy inference system with multi-objective double wavelet mutation Differential Evolution / J.C.Y. Lai and others
52 Characterization of graph properties for improved Pareto fronts using heuristics and EA for bi-objective graph coloring problem / Soma Saha, Rajeev Kumar and Gyan Baboo
53 A hierarchical particle swarm optimizer with latin sampling based memetic algorithm for numerical optimization / Yong Peng and Bao-Liang Lu
54 Social-Based Algorithm (SBA) / Fatemeh Ramezani and Shahriar Lotfi
55 A new optimization algorithm for single hidden layer feedforward neural networks / Leong Kwan Li, Sally Shao and Ka-Fai Cedric Yiu
56 An effective model of multiple multi-objective evolutionary algorithms with the assistance of regional multi-objective evolutionary algorithms : VIPMOEAs / Hossein Rajabalipour Cheshmehgaz, Mohamad Ishak Desa and Antoni Wibowo
57 Sensor deployment for fault diagnosis using a new discrete optimization algorithm / Javad Alikhani Koupaei and Marjan Abdechiri
58 A new hybrid artificial bee colony algorithm for robust optimal design and manufacturing / Ali R. Yildiz
59 The evolutionary development of roughness prediction models / Maciej Grzenda and Andres Bustillo
60 Hybrid system for handling premature convergence in GA – Case of grammar induction / Nitin S. Choubey and Madan U. Kharat
61 Gases Brownian Motion Optimization: an Algorithm for Optimization (GBMO) / Marjan Abdechiri, Mohammad Reza Meybodi and Helena Bahrami
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