Applied Soft Computing, Tập 13, Số 04, 2013

Mục lục:

1 Meta-schedulers for grid computing based on multi-objective swarm algorithms / María Arsuaga-Ríos, Miguel A. Vega-Rodríguez and Francisco Prieto-Castrillo
2 Scalable-Width Temporal Edge Detection for Recursive Background Recovery in adaptive background modeling / B.C. Yeo, W.S. Lim and H.S. Lim
3 A multivariate fuzzy c-means method / Bruno A. Pimentel and Renata M.C.R. de Souza
4 A hybrid differential evolution algorithm based on particle swarm optimization for nonconvex economic dispatch problems / Samir Sayah and Abdellatif Hamouda
5 Supervisory adaptive dynamic RBF-based neural-fuzzy control system design for unknown nonlinear systems / Chun-Fei Hsu, Chih-Min Lin and Rong-Guan Yeh
6 Solving fuzzy Multidimensional Multiple-Choice Knapsack Problems : The multi-start Partial Bound Enumeration method versus the efficient epsilon-constraint method / Kaveh Khalili-Damghani, Majid Nojavan and Madjid Tavana
7 Clustering large data with uncertainty / Sampreeti Ghosh and Sushmita Mitra
8 A proposed PCNN features quality optimization technique for pose-invariant 3D Arabic sign language recognition / A. Samir Elons, Magdy Abull-ela and M.F. Tolba
9 A genetic algorithm for a creativity matrix cubic space clustering : A case study in Mazandaran Gas Company / Amin Aalaei and others
10 Prediction of flow pattern of gas–liquid flow through circular microchannel using probabilistic neural network / Seim Timung and Tapas K. Mandal
11 Applying reinforcement learning for web pages ranking algorithms / Vali Derhami and others
12 Particle Swarm Optimization for the Vehicle Routing Problem with Stochastic Demands / Yannis Marinakis, Georgia-Roumbini Iordanidou and Magdalene Marinaki
13 Identification of multi-resolution network structures with multi-objective immune algorithm / Maoguo Gong and others
14 Handling qualitative aspects in Unequal Area Facility Layout Problem : An Interactive Genetic Algorithm / L. Garcia-Hernandez and others
15 A soft-computing Pareto-based meta-heuristic algorithm for a multi-objective multi-server facility location problem / Seyed Habib A. Rahmati, Vahid Hajipour and Seyed Taghi Akhavan Niaki
16 An energy aware fuzzy approach to unequal clustering in wireless sensor networks / Hakan Bagci and Adnan Yazici
17 Design of artificial neuron controller for STATCOM in dSPACE environment / S. Arockia Edwin Xavier, P. Venkatesh and M. Saravanan
18 New empirical nonparametric kernels for support vector machine classification / Essam Al Daoud and Hamza Turabieh
19 On the complexity of energy efficient pairwise calibration in embedded sensors / Hüseyin Akcan
20 Chemical reaction optimization with greedy strategy for the 0–1 knapsack problem / Tung Khac Truong, Kenli Li and Yuming Xu
21 Artificial bee colony algorithm and pattern search hybridized for global optimization / Fei Kang, Junjie Li and Haojin Li
22 Fuzzy analytic hierarchy process and analytic network process : An integrated fuzzy logarithmic preference programming / Jing Rung Yu and Wei-Yuan Shing
23 A fuzzy evolutionary framework for combining ensembles / Athanasios Tsakonas and Bogdan Gabrys
24 Behavioural pattern identification and prediction in intelligent environments / Sawsan Mahmoud, Ahmad Lotfi and Caroline Langensiepen
25 Intuitionistic fuzzy multi-criteria decision-making method based on evidential reasoning / Jian-qiang Wang and others
26 Novel initialization scheme for Fuzzy C-Means algorithm on color image segmentation / Khang Siang Tan, Wei Hong Lim and Nor Ashidi Mat Isa
27 An enriched game-theoretic framework for multi-objective clustering / Mahsa Badami, Ali Hamzeh and Sattar Hashemi
28 Predicting uncertain behavior of press unit in a paper industry using artificial bee colony and fuzzy Lambda–Tau methodology / Harish Garg, Monica Rani and S.P. Sharma
29 Differential evolution based soft optimization to attenuate vane–rotor shock interaction in high-pressure turbines / Michael M. Joly, Tom Verstraete and Guillermo Paniagua
30 D-FNN based soft-sensor modeling and migration reconfiguration of polymerizing process / Jie sheng Wang and Qiu ping Guo
31 Evolutionary algorithm characterization in real parameter optimization problems / Pilar Caama˜no and others
32 EvoGeneSys, a new evolutionary approach to graph generation / L. Cordella and others
33 Supplier selection model for commodities procurement. Optimised assessment using a fuzzy decision support system / Nazario García and others
34 Parting curve selection and evaluation using an extension of fuzzy MCDM approach / Nguyen Huu Quang and others
35 Online tool wear prediction system in the turning process using an adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system / Muhammad Rizal and others
36 Self-adaptive differential evolution for feature selection in hyperspectral image data / Ashish Ghosh, Aloke Datta and Susmita Ghosh
37 An adaptive and efficient dimension reduction model for multivariate wireless sensor networks applications / Murad A. Rassam, Anazida Zainal and Mohd Aizaini Maarof
38 An approximation algorithm for fuzzy polynomial interpolation with Artificial Bee Colony algorithm / P. Mansouri, B. Asady and N. Gupta
39 Color image segmentation using adaptive unsupervised clustering approach / Khang Siang Tan, Nor Ashidi Mat Isa and Wei Hong Lim
40 Robust PI controller design with respect to fuzzy sensitivity margins / Petr Husek
41 Synthesis of individual best local priority vectors in AHP-group decision making / Bojan Srdjevic and Zorica Srdjevic
42 Fuzzy rule-based similarity model enables learning from small case bases / Ning Xiong
43 Multi-objective optimization in wire-electro-discharge machining of TiC reinforced composite through Neuro-Genetic technique / Probir Saha and others
44 Compatibility measures and consensus models for group decision making with intuitionistic multiplicative preference relations / Yuan Jiang, Zeshui Xu and Xiaohan Yu
45 Multi-objective reactive power market clearing in competitive electricity market using HFMOEA / Ashish Saini and Amit Saraswat
46 A Simplex Crossover based evolutionary algorithm including the genetic diversity as objective / Claudio Comis Da Ronco and Ernesto Benini
47 Using meta-heuristics for project scheduling under mode identity constraints / Amir Rahimi, Hamid Karimi and Behrouz Afshar-Nadjafi
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