Regulations and policies
Library card, paper and digital material usage policy


  1. User card

1. Library card (integrated into student’s card) is issued to full – time regular students and students in Nha Trang after they meet the library’s usage requirements. Other users will apply their own specific forms.

2. Do not use someone else's card or lend it to others.

- The first violation will be refused to be served 1 month

- The second violation will be refused to be served and reported to the university.

3. If you lose your card, you must immediately inform the library personnel. Otherwise, you will be responsible for problems arising.

B. Using the material

Readers granted the right to use the library are allowed to use traditional material (Paper documents) and electronic material.

For paper material:

- Books: students are allowed to borrow a maximum of 3 books at a time.

- Loan term: 14 days from the date of borrowing.

- Newspapers, magazines, dissertations, videos, tapes: used at the library only

- The fine for overdue material: 2000 VND/day (not including the time when the library is out of service)

- For damaging, losing pages of, writing and drawing on the material: 10.000 VND/page

- For losing material: immediately inform the library personnel in order to be instructed to buy the new material or to pay the fine:

 + For material with many copies or easy to buy: buy the original one + the fine of 10.000VND/50.000VND for handling the material (or pay twice as the price of the cover + material handling fee)

+ For rare material, material with one copy: pay the fine of 5 times to 10 times as the price of the cover + 10.000VND/50.000VND of material handling fee

- For bringing material out of the storage place without permission or intentionally changing the barcode on the cover: users will be suspended from the right to use the library for a year and reported to the school to be disciplined from warning upwards.

- Users with unsuitable behavior in the library will be refused to be served

For electric material of Digital Library:

  • Readers can read all available online documents for free. There will be a warning when opening a digital document, users need to press Agree to be able to continue using the material.
  • The download mode (with quotas application) and it only applies to library personnel, and students of the University for researching and personal learning. Users must comply with the law.

        + Officials: download 20 documents / 30 days.

        + Students: download 4 documents / 7 days.

After the quota expires, users can only view online, and must wait for the next quota calculation period to be able to continue to download documents.